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Britton, Walden & Britton
Valuation Specialists and Loss Assessors

To obtain the valuation, please send the details specified on the previous page to .

We accept credit cards via telephone or fax,or alternatively you can post us a cheque.If e-mailing the credit card details, to ensure your protection and privacy, we have implimented PGP Encryption systems on our e-mail, should you wish to use it, if not please split the credit card details into two parts and send in separate e-mails. The PGP software is free, and available to download from here. Please download the latest available version for your operating system.

For details on how to import the key into PGP on your machine in Windows, please click here for step by step instructions. If you do however require our PGP public key for manual importing, it can be found here, although you won't require it for normal use, as the PGP software will automatically retrieve our key via the internet for you.

Watch Valuations for probate, insurance etc, with 30 years experience in the
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