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Once you have installed PGP, it should automatically be integrated into your e-mail software. When you send us the initial e-mail, we will send you an e-mail with a confirmation code. When you reply to this e-mail, click on the icon with an envelope and a padlock, and click on the icon with a page and pencil on, or click the PGP menu, and choose Encrypt on Send, click the PGP menu again, and choose Sign on Send. PGP will automatically download our key, and encrypt the message so only we can read it, and electronically "sign" the document, so we can verify it came from yourself. This two-step protection is more than 36 times more secure than the current systems on the internet. We will confirm receipt, and verify your card details via a return encrypted e-mail, which only you will be able to read with your PGP passcode.

If you require any further help with this, please e-mail us on with the subject PGP Help.

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