Casio Introduces a new model of the World's First Wrist-type
Wearable Digital Camera


Main Features 

Wrist-type wearable color digital camera 
The super compact, lightweight configuration of the Casio Wrist Camera means it is always on your wrist, whenever that magic moment presents itself. You can send images to your friends, family, and colleagues, opening up a totally new world of digital communication. 

25,344-pixel color CMOS sensor 
Color image recording is made possible by a 25,344-pixel (176 x 144 pixels) color CMOS sensor. You can use IR data communication to transfer images to a computer where you can display them using 16.77 million colors. 

16-grayscale monochrome STN LCD monitor screen  
The 120 x 120-dot LCD serves as a viewfinder when recording images and as a monitor screen for on-the-spot viewing of images. 

Image data transfer with a personal computer 
The Wrist Camera comes complete with infrared data communication capabilities. Simply connect the IR adapter to your computer and install the bundled link software and you can transfer images to your computer for editing, touch up, and long-term storage. When necessary, you can transfer images back to the Wrist Camera.

Image exchange with another Wrist Camera  
Images can be transferred between two Wrist Cameras quickly and easily using IR data exchange. 

Memory storage for up to 80 images   
1MB of built-in memory provides enough storage for up to 80 images (JPEG compressed). Images can be recorded and deleted as many times as you want. An Auto Date feature automatically records the date (year, month, day) and time (hour, minutes) you record the image along with the image data. 

Visual Data Bank for storage of phone numbers with portraits  
After you record an image you can input up to 24 characters (12 characters in the upper line, 12 characters in the lower line) of memo text. A simple operation inputs alpha characters or numbers, so you can record a personís portrait and then input their name and telephone number. A Thumbnail Screen allows display of up to 16 images on a single screen. 

User-friendly features and functions 

Timekeeping, alarm, timer, and calendar functions  
You can set up the Wrist Camera so that a specific digital image you recorded appears automatically when an alarm time is reached. A full-month calendar shows the current date, at a glance. 

Digital Camera Functions

Recording format: JPEG (176 x 144 pixels)
Recording medium: Built-in flash memory (1MB)
Memory capacity: 80 images* (with JPEG compression); auto recording date registration
Recording element: 1/4-inch color CMOS sensor (Total Pixels: 28,000; Effective Pixels: 25,344)
Lens: F2.8 fixed, f=1.1mm
Approximate focusing distance: 30cm to infinity
Subject illumination: Approximately 100Lx to 90,000Lx
Exposure control: Light metering: Full screen average; ALC (Average Luminance Control), exposure compensation
Shutter: Electronic shutter
Shutter speed: 1/5.5 to 1/1660 second, automatic
Timer: 2, 10 seconds
Monitor: 14,400 dots (120 x 120); 16-grayscale monochrome; 20 x 20mm screen size
Databank: Up to 24 characters per image (alpha, numeric, basic symbols); thumbnail search