Casio Introduces the World's First Wrist-type
Wearable Digital Camera


LAS VEGAS, NV, January 6, 2000 - Casio, Inc., Dover, NJ, in conjunction with CASIO Computer Co., Ltd., Japan, announced today at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show an amazing new product, the Wrist Camera, Model WQV-1, the world’s first wrist-type wearabledigital camera.

"This new model marks the latest addition to the growing lineup of new "wrist data devices" that have earned CASIO the reputation of being the leading innovator in unique, feature-packed timepieces" said Gary Rado, President of Casio, Inc. "We will continue to bring to market products that feature unexpected extras." CASIO also introduced today the world’s first wrist-type wearable MP3 Player.

CASIO has already opened the modern market for powerful, wrist-type wearable data collection and management instruments with the PCX and Satellite Navi watches. The PCX watch provides a quick and easy way to exchange and synchronize personal information management (PIM) data with a desktop computer, while the Satellite Navi outdoor watch represents the world’s first watch with GPS capabilities that use GPS satellites to provide readouts of your current position and other data.

This new watch marks major advances of the "wrist data device" concept and create totally new types of wristwatches that tap the high-growth potential of both the digital imaging market and digital audio market.

 Wrist Camera Features

Since it measures a mere 40.0 (W) x 52.0(H) x 16(D) mm and weighs only 32g, you hardly even notice that the Wrist Camera is there, always ready to capture those special moments whenever they occur. Images you record can be played back for your own enjoyment and are just the thing for conversation starters.

The display screen of the Wrist Camera is a 120 x 120-dot STN LCD capable of displaying 16 grayscales. You can use the monitor as a viewfinder when recording images and as a display screen for playback.

The Wrist Camera’s 1MB of built-in semiconductor memory can store up to 100 images. You can record images, instantly view them, and delete the ones you don’t want to keep, as many times as you like. An Auto Date Stamp feature automatically records the date (year, month, day) and time (hour, minutes) you record the image along with the image data.

You can choose from among three different modes when recording an image. The Normal Mode records the 16-grayscale monochrome image that appears on the monitor screen of the Wrist Camera. The Art Mode produces artful two-tone image and the Merge Mode combines two different images into a single image. A simple operation lets you select the mode that produces the effect you want.

After you record an image you can input up to 24 characters (12 characters in the upper line, 12 characters in the lower line) of memo text. A simple operation inputs alpha characters or numbers so you can record a person’s portrait and then input their name and telephone number.

A CASIO original infrared data transfer function makes it possible to exchange image data with a computer that has a separately available application and infrared installed. You can upload images to your computer for editing and archiving, and download them back to the Wrist Camera when you need to take them somewhere. You can even use your images as screen savers.

The Wrist Camera is designed to minimize battery power consumption and for easy battery replacement. An Auto Power Save feature automatically turns power off whenever it detects that the Wrist Camera is not being worn on the wrist. The press of a button in any mode records an image, which means that recording is quick and easy.

Wrist Camera Specifications

Recording Format:

CASIO original (conversion to BMP or JPEG when uploading to a computer)

Recording Medium:

Built-in 1MB memory

Memory Capacity:

100 images

Recording Element:

1/14-inch monochrome CMOS sensor

Total Pixels:

28,000; Pixel Yield: 24,334


F2.8 fixed; f =1.1mm

Focusing Distance:

30cm to ¥

Subject Illumination:

Approximately 100Lx to 45,000Lx

Exposure Control:

Light metering system; full screen average; ALC (Average Luminance Control), exposure compensation


Electronic shutter

Shutter Speed:

1/11 to 1/1660 second


120x 120 dots (14,400); monochrome with 16 grayscales); 20 x 20mm screen size

Recording Modes:

Normal; Art; Merge

Data Bank:

Up to 24 characters per image (alpha, numeric, basic symbols)


Timekeeping display, five alarms, timer, stopwatch


Auto power save system, simple record

Infrared Communication:

Casio original system

Infrared Functions:

Image data exchange with a computer, data exchange with another Wrist Camera

Data Speed:

115,200 BPS

Communication Distance:

10cm maximum


40(W) x 52(H) x 16(D) mm / 32g

Power Requirements:

CR2032 battery

Approximate Battery Life:

6 months (60 seconds of camera operation per day)


Wrist Camera Infrared Adapter & Link Software (Wrist Camera data management application)

Computer Requirements


IBM PC/AT or compatible with D Sub 9-pin COM port

Operating System:

Windows 95/98/Windows, NT Workstation 4.0


640 x 480, 256 colors or more


CD-ROM drive, Keyboard, Mouse


PRICE         GBP£149

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